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Introduction The big picture.
Learning Objectives The goals of this course.
Clinical Issues   Sometimes, it is easier to learn by dealing with clinical issues, such as abdominal pain, or vaginal discharge, rather than "learning objectives." Listed here are the clinical issues and management approaches most often seen in OB-GYN.
Procedures   How to do things. How to start an IV, deliver a baby, insert an IUD, and more than 40 other common procedures in OB-GYN.
Library   A collection of over 100 useful books, manuals, publications, and web sites related to women's health care.
Pharmacy   More than 350 medications used in women's health care, including the indications, contra-indications, usual dosage, side-effects and warnings. Look up medications by generic name, brand name, or categorical name.
Lab   150 laboratory tests used in women's health care. Each provides explanations of what the test measures, normal values, and significance of abnormals.
Chest X-ray   Chest X-ray images encountered during evaluation of OB-GYN problems.
Ultrasound   Ultrasound images, normal and abnormal, found in obstetrics & gynecology.
Videos   A collection of over 30 video clips, demonstrating how to actually perform some of the maneuvers and procedures described in the text.
Forms   A collection of essential forms, including post-op notes, delivery notes, consent forms, pregnancy flow sheets, and other useful tools.
Progress Notes Sample Progress Notes for a variety of OB and GYN problems.
Facts Cards   4 x 6 Index cards, printed with the essential information for each a number of OB-GYN Problems.
Students Orientation to important aspects of the clinical rotation in OB-GYN
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