Welcome to OB-GYN 101.

Many of you are thrilled to be taking this introductory course in Obstetrics & Gynecology. Others may see this course as peripheral to their main interests. Some are ambivalent and remain to be convinced of its value. I hope I have something of interest for all of you.

OB-GYN is a Deeply Rewarding Experience
On one level, the medical specialty of OB-GYN is a narrow nitch, involving only half the population, and primarily only one aspect of that half...the generative functions. On a broader level, the science of obstetrics and gynecology involves the very essence of the human species, life, re-birth and re-generation. This science engages the forces of human attraction, romance, love, mating, nurturing, growth, aging, and death. In my office, on an almost daily basis, I deal with not only the obvious pregnancy and reproductive issues, but also trauma, malignancy, infectious disease, preventive medicine, depression, and anxiety. As a physician, It has been a deeply rewarding experience for me.

Some of you will go on to careers in this specialty. To you, I say, "Welcome Aboard." For the others who proceed to other areas of science and medicine, I will be pleased to have had your attention for a brief time, and hope I can provide you with a worthwhile experience you will never forget.

This CD
This CD will cover all of the major topics that I hope you will learn while studying introductory OB-GYN. By itself, it's not enough. Your professors, teachers, fellow students, and those only slightly more advanced than yourself will all contribute to the learning process. Outside readings are as important in OB-GYN as they are in History, Political Science, and other disciplines. The CD will, however, provide graphic illustrations, video clips, and other useful training materials that will complement your conventional education.

On my first day as a first-year medical student in 1970, the Dean told us: "Over the next four years, we will be teaching you many things. Half of these things will ultimately be proven to be incorrect. Unfortunately, I don't know which half is the incorrect half. So while you must learn both halves, be prepared to discard some of what we have taught you." This basic principle is equally accurate today. While I will teach you things I believe to be true, I'm going to be wrong about some of them. Sorry about that.

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